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An extensive, ever-growing banking network

International transfers are complicated. Since 2005, we’ve been building global relationships so they don’t have to be. All that experience, all those relationships, are built into everything we do.

How it works

1. Identification check

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All customers making an international transaction need to be identified due to global anti-money laundering rules and regulations. Please if you’re sending or receiving money You may need to email a scan or photo of your passport and a recent bill to our email support@Zillisafe.com .

2. Secure an exchange rate

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In order to send money from one currency to another, you need to agree an exchange rate. If you are happy to go ahead, the exchange rate quoted will be locked-in for you.

3. Fund insurance

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Don’t forget, although Zillisafe helps you Communicate & move money from one account to another. Zillisafe takes full responsibility of making sure the funds provided gets to a particular receiver.

4. Your money is converted and sent

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After your funds are insured, they will get converted into the currency required at the exchange rate agreed. The funds are then sent using the Zillisafe network to the destination bank account.

Custom solutions for global businesses

  • • Consume and integrate our API
  • • Offer our solutions, white labeled or branded, to your customers
  • • Benefit from a dedicated corporate account manager
  • • Easily pay staff, vendors and partners abroad via our mass payments platform